Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Ask For Your Vote

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Craig Hickman. I am the organic farmer, small business owner, poet and chef with a Harvard degree in government who grows tender collard greens and cooks good food for our community in my kitchen. 

 Four years ago this coming Tuesday, the good people of Winthrop and Readfield elected me to be your voice and your vote in the Maine House of Representatives. 

Two years ago, with reinforcements from the good people of North Monmouth at the foot of Mt. Pisgah, you sent me back to Augusta. I still have moments where I simply cannot believe that it has all come to pass. 

This coming Tuesday, November 8, I humbly ask for your vote once again. 

Chairing a regular committee meeting

Just as I did in the 127th Legislature as House Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry; 

Just as I did as House Chair of the Commission to Study the Public Reserved Lands Management Fund; 

Just as I did as a member of the Citizen Trade Policy Commission; 

Just as I did when I shepherded an historic piece of legislation through to passage that prohibits custody transfers of adopted children without a court order; 

Just as I did fighting to protect Land For Maine's Future; 

Just as I did when sponsoring to passage legislation to promote food self-sufficiency for the People of the State, an important piece of ending the epidemic of hunger in Maine;

 Just as I did in working to persuade more than two-thirds of the House of Representatives to present to the People for ratification at the ballot box a resolution that would enshrine the Right to Food Freedom in the Maine Constitution; 

Just as I did to ensure that hard-working civil servants—law enforcement officers who put their lives at risk to protect our precious natural resources—did not lose their jobs; 

Just as I did when sponsoring to passage, against all odds, legislation that insisted that the State take full responsibility for the tragic loss, in a car accident, of two in our own community, Gus Cloutier and son, Casey, beginning a process that will fairly compensate Susan Cloutier and son Chase; 

Just as I did this past session—just as I do—I will keep working hard for you, every single day.

Taking the Oath of Office 2014

And I will always remain civil in the face of incivility, refuse to scapegoat any group of people for any reason whatsoever, and carefully choose words befitting the office to which I have been elected. 

 So, please, go to the polls this coming Tuesday and vote to keep Hickman working for you in the House.  

It is my privilege to be your voice. It is my honor to be your vote.  

 Thank you. Take care of your blessings.

Craig V. Hickman

Preparing to speak at American Legion's  Memorial Day Parade in 2015

Presenting a legislative sentiment to Stephen Knight on his retirement

Sampling the pig at Rotary's 5th Annual Barbecue & Gumbo Festival to End Hunger