Saturday, May 1, 2010

Certified: My Father Smiles Down From Heaven

This means I'm officially running for something.

My campaign treasurer stopped by earlier today while we were planting collard greens, blackeye peas and broccoli to deliver the good news. We hadn't been to the mailbox yet, but when we checked it later, there it was, unfolded from its official-looking envelope, just as you see it above.

This is a big [fill-in-the-blank] deal.

I'm grateful to all those who contributed to my campaign. Thank you for your generosity. But more than that, thank you for your belief. Without you, I wouldn't have my name up there.

I still can't quite believe that's my name. Hickman. Craig V. Stands for Von. I'd never have imagined I'd run for elected office. But life has changed immensely since the man who gave me my name died 3 years ago, March.

Thing is, I'd never have imagined I'd be doing much of what I'm doing in my life right now.

But here I am. Doing what my father taught me how to be good at, and trying to do what my father always thought I would be excellent at: farming and public service.

It's time.

It's time I finally put my mind to it and try to fulfill my father's ultimate dream for me. A dream I'm blessed to be able to pursue without pressure, an ounce of resentment, not even a whisper of angst.

It's time District 82, Readfield and Winthrop, the most beautiful towns in Kennebec Valley, had a fresh voice representing its people.


It’s time to rid our food supply of processed junk.

As a wise man wrote, food reclaims its nobility when the person who raised it hands it to you. It makes us healthier, too. Healthier citizens means reduced medical costs, which can lead to affordable health care for all. I will fight to bring common sense to the Maine food code to help producers make wholesome local food more available and affordable. Local food means local jobs.

It’s time to go green.

Investment in our natural resources and quality of place initiatives and our vast wind and solar energy potential will not only help to protect Maine’s enthralling beauty, but also attract more tourism, boost our economy, and create new jobs.

It’s time to stop handcuffing small businesses.

One-size-fits-all regulations simply don’t work. I will fight to craft legislation, current or new, that allows the furniture painter, the contractor, the goat milker, the jewelry maker and the silver-haired lady down the road who bakes the best whoopie pies in town to advertise and sell their products and services without jumping through hoops they can’t afford. Let there be real competition. As Maine business grows, so goes job creation.



The United States of America conducts a new census. The state of Maine elects a new governor. The citizens of the most beautiful towns in the Kennebec Valley elect a new state representative.

My father smiles down from heaven.

Hickman in the House.

Organic farmer, man of the people.

Get ready.

It's time for a new beginning.