Monday, November 4, 2013

State News Update

Bill Submissions for 126th Legislature’s Second Session Decided

On Wednesday, October 30th, the Legislative Council met to determine which bill submissions will be considered during the second regular session of the 126th Legislature, scheduled to begin in January. Unlike the first regular session, bills submitted by lawmakers for the second session must be approved by Legislative Council in order to move forward. During the meeting on Wednesday 99 of the 392 bill proposals were approved, 4 were tabled, and the rest were rejected. Lawmakers whose bill proposals were rejected will have the opportunity to appeal the Council’s decision. 

My only bill submission for the upcoming session, An Act to End Hunger, Protect Small Farms and Homesteads and Promote Self-Sufficiency for the People of the State, was rejected by the Council. I don't know whether I will appeal or not.

Click HERE for the full list of bill proposals and the Council’s decisions on each of them.

Remember to vote tomorrow.