Saturday, March 23, 2013

State News Update

Maine Maple Sunday celebrates its 30-year anniversary this weekend

On Sunday, March 24th, Maine Maple Sunday will take place at over one hundred sugarhouses across Maine. This annual event, held every fourth Sunday in the month of March, will celebrate its 30-year anniversary this year. Participating sugarhouses will be open for visitors to enjoy freshly made maple syrup and candy, demonstrations of syrup production, sugarbush tours, and a variety of other family activities.

Governor Paul R. LePage recently highlighted the start of maple tapping season with Maine Maple producers on the Blaine House lawn by following an annual tradition: the tapping of a maple tree. The Governor used the event to highlight the economic contributions of Maine’s maple syrup industry and its potential to create even more jobs.

Maine had 1.47 million taps and produced 360,000 gallons of maple syrup in 2011, a 14% increase from 2010. The latest yearly figures show that Maine generated nearly $13 million in revenue from the maple industry. In 2011, Maine was third in the nation, producing 13 percent of maple syrup in the United States. Figures for 2012 are not yet available

Some sugarhouses will hold events on both Saturday and Sunday. For a list and map of participating sugarhouses, visit the Maine Maple Producers website:

Enter the Maine Moose Permit Lottery Online

You can use this online service to enter into the Maine Moose Permit Lottery. From the list of lottery applicants, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will administer a chance drawing to select winners for a Maine Moose Hunting Permit. To hunt moose in Maine, hunters must have one of these special Moose Hunting Permits.

Applications must be completed by 11:59 pm (ET) on May 14, 2013.

The Moose Lottery drawing will held in June 2013.

You are eligible to apply if:
  • You are eligible to obtain a Maine Big Game Hunting License or will be eligible to obtain a Maine Big Game Hunting License by the opening day of the Moose hunting season. NOTE: Although a junior hunting license can be pre-issued before the holder is 10 years old, be advised that the license and permit cannot be used until the youngster is 10 years old.
To complete the application you will need:

  • Current Hunting License if you are applying with a Superpack license.
  • Personal information (Name, Address, DOB, etc)
  • Sub-permittee information (if applicable)
  • Credit or debit card (Discover, Visa and Mastercard accepted)
Fees are based on residency and the number of chances purchased. For a complete list of entry and permit fees. More information is available on the website HERE.


School Security Funding Opportunity for School Administrative Units

The Maine Emergency Management Agency is announcing a funding opportunity for School Administrative Units (SAUs) to participate in a targeted, school preparedness facility security grant program. Grant applications must be received by April 12, 2013, and projects must be completed by July 31, 2013.

Specifically this grant will allow SAUs to seek grants to purchase and install the following items (listed in order of priority, statewide):

1.      Remote Entry Control System: a remotely-controlled entry access system allows for school personnel to identify individuals attempting to gain access to the school, either through a window or via a closed-circuit television camera. After the person’s identity and purpose for being at the school has been established, school personnel can remotely unlock the doors to allow that person to enter the school. These systems are designed for installation solely at the primary entry point for visitors to the school facility; all other doors should remain secure from unauthorized entry at all times, using your school’s emergency plans and procedures as guidance.

2.      Panic Button: A Panic Button that is hard-wired to the primary and secondary law enforcement agencies for your facility provides a faster option to alert law enforcement about a problem at the school when using 911or radios might be impractical. Note: the grant funds can be used for purchase and installation of the system; however, funds are not available for continuing costs or monitoring/telephone line fees, if any.

3.      Knox Box: Knox Boxes provide access to keys to the facility in the absence of key-holders. During an emergency, key holders may be off-site or occupied performing other critical duties. Access to keys in a timely fashion from a Knox Box speeds up response by first responders.

4.      Exterior Door Numbering: Having clearly visible and reflective door numbers affixed to the inside and outside of all exterior doors provides first responders with clear direction when responding to an on-site emergency. It aids in providing clearer situational awareness as to the location of the trouble, or where students/staff/visitors have sought safe haven. 
Requirements and Due Dates:
In order to be eligible for consideration for grant funding, all applicants must meet National Incident Management System (NIMS) training requirements for key school personnel. All applications must be submitted to the Maine Emergency Management Agency no later than Close of Business (5 p.m.) on Friday April 12, 2013. Applications should be emailed to If email is not an option, applications may be mailed to 45 Commerce Drive, Suite 2, Augusta, ME 04333, Attn: FY2010 HSGP School Applications c/o Deborah Sullivan-Alley.

The application forms and additional information can be found HERE.

Maine History Corner
A central figure in promoting Maine’s tourist industry at the turn of the 20th century was Cornelia “Fly Rod” Crosby of Phillips. An avid fly fisher, hunter, and all-around outdoor enthusiast, Crosby was well-known throughout Maine and the Eastern United States. In fact, she wrote a column titled “Fly Rod’s Note Book” that was syndicated up and down the East Coast. She also worked for the Maine Central Railroad promoting both the railroad and Maine’s outdoors at the same time, touting the railroad’s ability to get one to beautiful spots in nature throughout Maine. Crosby was also the first person to be issued a Maine Guide license. You can read more about her and find photos HERE.


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