Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hickman Epitomizes a Productive Community Member

"As a very conservative person, my politics more often than not fall on the Republican side of issues. Trying to separate the person from the politics is difficult. I never knew who Craig Hickman was until my wife told me that she bought eggs from his farm. I knew Craig's farm better than I knew him. My uncle married the daughter of one of its previous occupants so I spent a fair amount of time helping out there when I wasn't busy on the Cobb Farm. It wasn't until I read an essay in the local paper that I wondered who Craig Hickman really was. The essay was about closing the local hot meal kitchen. My grandmother Marion Cobb cooked in the hot meal kitchen since its inception until she physically could no longer help. In response, Craig opened his farm and his kitchen to anyone that was hungry and had no idea where the next meal was coming from. I knew Grandma would have done the same. By transcending the politics of a church that he doesn't even belong to, he created a ripple effect that ultimately resulted in the reopening of the hot meal kitchen. My grandmother would be proud of Craig. We have since become friends and he is proving to be a selfless individual with his time and efforts. He epitomizes a productive community member. I am proud to know him. He has my vote."

— Justin Cobb, Winthrop

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