Friday, June 1, 2012

Red Bordeaux and Yellow Collard Flowers, May 29, 2012

by Christine Higgins, Readfield

The colors on the farm were extensive today, with the promise that bright intensity brings to the future.

Inside the smaller greenhouse, the Red Bordeaux spinach was beginning to bolt. It seemed like a short time ago that Craig was planting, and now the plants are making seeds for the future. Yellow blossoms on collard greens contrast with the warm red barn siding. Orange azaleas float their colors against the green –brown cattails. Soft green leeks and garlic are seen through the profusely blooming pink crab apple. Nature’s palette potential is everywhere.

Con Leche has delivered a new kid to the goat herd. Although the littlest, Kale spent her time frolicking at will; bouncing on the other goats with abandon and clambering onto her mother’s back. She clearly enjoyed the sound of her hooves on the tin roofing and jumped into the air, kicking her heels high. Some of the other kids are now chewing on the smaller carrot pieces I bring, while still nudging their mothers for milk.

Craig has only a few weeks to go before the primary campaign and is busy making signs at voters’ requests. He understands that personal endorsements mean voters are looking for what he has to offer as a representative and is working hard to honor those requests.

If elected, I feel that the stewardship he shows for the land will extend to his constituents. Planting more seeds for the future...