Friday, April 18, 2014

Drawing To A Close

Photo by Senator Colleen Lachowicz

This morning, right around one o'clock, the 126th Legislature nearly completed its work. I drove my frost-covered truck west on 202 barely able to focus my too-tired eyes. We will return on Thursday, May 1, at ten o'clock in the morning, to reconsider legislation vetoed by the Governor.

After it is finished, I will reflect on my first term in this most challenging, rewarding, and humbling experience. A few triumphs, lots of setbacks, loads of laughter, and even a few tears. Serving the People of Maine in the Maine Legislature remains the highest honor of my life.

I shall forever remain incredibly grateful to the voters of Winthrop and Readfield. Thank you so much. You have proven that anything is possible.

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Randy Burgess said...

From a distant state . . . now & then I drop in on this blog to see how you're doing in your efforts to serve the people of Maine. Sounds like they elected the right guy. Be well.

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