Friday, October 8, 2010

Hickman in the Sprint

Dear Supporters,

The Election is upon us. People have already voted early.

From the outset, I envisioned this campaign as a farming project. Theater project, writing project, design project. Track meet.

We sowed the seeds, watered and fertilized the crop, weeded the soil. The plants have thrived. Their fruit has ripened.

It’s time to harvest.

Our director conceived a brilliant tableau; the stage managers worked it all out. The leading man has relied on the supporting players like plants rely on the sun.

It’s time to open the show.

Our editorial team ensured that all the press releases, articles, letters and lit copy told a good and true story. People love stories. Lord knows I do. People love true stories most. We will elect Maine’s second African American member of the Legislature. We will make many firsts.

It’s time to write history.

Our creative team snapped photos, scanned postcards, placed images, chose fonts, measured kerning and line spacing. Talked about the colors that might move hearts. Our literature featured visuals that stuck in people’s minds.

It’s time to picture the prize.

We started this mile run back in early spring, just as we broke ground for community. Now, after 3 ¾ laps, we’ve rounded the final turn, our eyes on the tape, the finish line 100 meters ahead.

It’s time to sprint toward victory.

To the entire team, I love you all. To my beloved, I couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Can we win?

You better believe it.

People. Get ready.

We need your help. In this sprint toward victory, we need all of you to propel yourselves into the final stretch and not look back.

We need your help.

Please tell us as soon as possible what you will do for our campaign and let us sprint toward victory.

It's time.

Thank you in advance. Take care of your blessings.


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